Tracking your Google Maps rankings across any geo-area.

Do you really know where you're showing on Google Maps? Do you know how you appear depending on where the searcher is located? Now you have granular detail into your rankings, with LocationLift.
Any location, any Google Business Profile.
Easily generate beautifully powerful ranking maps:

Accurately track any local business rankings on Google Maps.

Join 600+ businesses using Locationlift to grow their reach and improve their SEO:

Powerful, visual ranking heat maps

Understanding how your Google Business Profile shows across your target city is critical. Rankings change depending on a variety of factors, often producing different rankings across a geographical area. Locationlift visually shows how you rank across a given area, so you can better target certain areas or demographics.

Create reports within minutes

Choose a Google Business Profile (you don’t even have to own it), choose a keyword, set the geographical area and hit “Generate”. Within 1-2 minutes you’ll have an accurate visual representation of how that Google listing ranks across that area, for the target keyword.

Who is this for?

We have users from a range of backgrounds. From SEOs to Local Business owners or even researches, LocationLift provides insightful data represented simply. SEOs use it to show rankings for clients, or even get new clients by showing their current ranking deficiencies. Local Businesses can get a clear insight into their rankings to better target their marketing efforts.

How does it work?

We have a custom-built, proprietary data collection system that runs on Amazon Web Services. Together with our geo-mapping algorithm, our systems collect, sort and map ranking data to generate the ranking maps for you. All our data comes direct from Google, with GPS location accuracy up to 1 metre. LocationLift results are highly accurate.